Kevin Smith, perhaps one of the most famous fanboys in the world, visited the set of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII recently.

To say it made him emotional is a bit of an understatement.

Check out the image and caption of the teary-eyed fan boy as he shows us his joy and excitement for the upcoming movie:


Original Tweet: ‘Visited JJ and his EP VII set. I signed the NDA so all I can share are this old Bantha-Tracks subscriber’s tears and snotty nose of joy. The Force is WITH this movie. Holy Sith…’

Smith being a long time Star Wars fan was overcome with emotion upon visiting the set of the hugely anticipated sequel, Star Wars: Episode VII. Now I’m a case-by-case person but if the Star Wars set and production can make a super-fan like Smith cry, then we can rest up in the comfort that J.J. Abrams is onto something special.