A viral video hit the internet last week  in which an alien imparts its wisdom to the the interviewer. This video was supposedly recorded by members of the official government-funded project, Blue Book. The wisdom of said alien included claims that it was an “evolutionary descendant” of humans, from our future. It can be seen in its entirety below.

UFO researcher, Isaac Koi, was quick to analyze the video and determine that it was most definitely a hoax. Koi was able to trace the video back to its original uploader, and that’s when it became clear that this was nothing more than a pet project of a digital effects artist. In an article written by Koi, he states that this was all done by:

“… Canadian visual effects artists Aristomenis Tsirbas (“Meni Tsirbas”) of MeniThings Productions. He has been a digital artist on ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’, ‘Star Trek: Voyager’, ‘Star Trek: Enterprise'”

Aristomenis Tsirbas (Credit: Divulgação)

Aristomenis Tsirbas (Credit: Divulgação)

Koi was also quick to point out that this was not the first time Tsirbas had dipped his foot into the UFO/Alien video world. In fact, he was known for another well-known hoax of a UFO that can be seen below.

Koi points out that Tsirbas admitted to the video, proudly, and even posted a detailed breakdown video of how he created it.

This brings up one of the major issues plaguing the UFO field more and more each day, and that is digital effects. Everyone likes a good alien invasion movie, so why not hoax a video rack up millions of hits online, and then make this your calling card to Hollywood. If people find your work that convincing, then you may surely be on your way to a new job.

But this deceptive ambition by digital effects artists unfortunately comes at the cost of true believers often stating that these clearly hoaxed videos are “The One”. This will be the video to prove it all to the skeptics. The problem is, the skeptics are always one step ahead, and make those out there consuming these videos to cower in the corner with their tin-foil hats. Perhaps a bit of due diligence and common sense could help the field of Ufology save face. As Koi points out:

“I find it somewhat bemusing that anyone could have spent five minutes watching the video but not bother spending one minute looking into the uploader of the video, which would easily reveal these facts. I’m regularly bemused by the conduct of some people in ufology. So many things within ufology are the basis of speculation when a little bit of work reveals relevant facts. This applies to government documents in various archives as much as it does to “UFO” videos on Youtube.”

While this video is well done, entertaining, and scary as hell, it proves once more that the true work is being done by people like Koi and many others (Roswell Slides Team anyone?) who are able to stamp these hoaxes down into the ashes as soon as they see a flame starting.

While we strive for truth here at Rogue Planet, we also need to point out the hoaxes as quickly as possible. And we hope we can be a source where you find some of the most compelling and credible information about UFOs out there. With the work of people like Isaac Koi, we have no doubt that we can do that with greater ease.

Continue to search the skies.  But remember to keep your feet on the ground.

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