With Quicksilver, The Scarlet Witch, and Vision all set to join the team in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting pretty crowded. Having all of these heroes fighting side-by-side in The Avengers 3 would surely rob many of them of sufficient screen time, making the line-up far too powerful in the process. Well, Badass Digest believes that Marvel’s response to this will be having Captain America assemble a new team at the end of the 2015 movie. The scene may not have been shot as of yet, but one character who was at one point expected to be there is Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel (the script specifies that moniker rather than Captain Marvel) in what is described as little more than a cameo. “This isn’t a big part of the movie. This new version of The Avengers isn’t involved in an action sequence or anything. So changing the characters can be done up until the last minute without hurting the story itself. What this bit accomplishes is basically pointing the way to Phase Three, saying “These characters will be important.”

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel

Adding that Ms. Marvel will likely be given a movie of her own, the latest they’ve heard is that Marvel have had cold feet about introducing her in Avengers: Age of Ultron as dropping a new character who will have a major role in the MCU moving forwards into a team movie wouldn’t do her justice. It makes sense, especially when it means that we probably wouldn’t get an origin story or any sort of context about who she is or her motivations in a single scene. The site also confirms that despite the fact that the movie will visit Wakanda when Ultron goes there to get Vibranium, we WON’T see the Black Panther, adding: “There’s enough time passed between the end of the action in Age of Ultron and that final scene for Carol Danvers to get powers, a costume and have a career as a hero, but the powers-that-be aren’t sure how this will play on film. Will dropping her in just be baffling to audiences?” It’s an interesting question. What do you guys think?


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