A new Star Trek series could be coming to cable

Star Trek: Enterprise, the most recent television series in the Star Trek franchise, went off the air in 2005. Fans have been clamoring for this television void in the Trek universe to be filled. Rumors stirred over the summer, following alleged comments made during a panel at Phoenix Comic-Con, about talks between Netflix and CBS to create a new Star Trek series. But those rumors were killed by Star Trek author and expert Larry Nemecek who explained that, although Netflix has expressed interest in perhaps having a Star Trek series join the ranks of its other original series (Orange is the New Black, House of Cards), no official talks have taken place.

But a new rumor suggests that an original Trek series could find its home on premium cable.

Roddenberry Entertainment’s Star Trek news website, 1701News, reports that a new Trek series could be coming to Showtime. “The television audience is rapidly changing, and serious, high-end programming just isn’t found on the networks anymore,” a mysterious person, who asked not to be named, told the website.

1701News agrees that a premium cable Trek series “could be exactly what the studios are looking for, especially something that can help showcase Showtime, which really doesn’t have any hits outside of Homeland on the level of Game of Thrones or True Detective.” The site points out that Showtime is owned by CBS, the company that owns production rights for new Trek series. Working with one of its own properties would likely eliminate hurdles for CBS.

A Trek series on cable would mean fewer episodes, perhaps 13, as opposed to the 22-24 seen with previous series. “And longer hiatuses will help keep audience demand pent up, and allow for better cross-promotion between the television and film franchises — something that’s difficult from the network perspective, or even from a Netflix streaming perspective,” suggests 1701News.

Unfortunately, however, the source of this latest report is anonymous, as was the source of the summer’s big rumor that a new Star Trek series was coming to Netflix. So, this news should only be a rumor until supporting evidence materializes.

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  1. Star Trek Renegades was meant to come to cable or non cable around June 2014 so not long ago,but it was delayed and now thoughts are that it would have premiere before end of this year. I really hoped it would have premiere in july – august,but didn’t :/ I’ve been waiting for ST Renegades from mid 2013 and hopefully it will have premiere soon and will be picked by some good Tv Network and will have multiple seasons even it’s Kickstarter funded.

    Some info from Wiki:

    “is a fan-created project to create a pilot for a new Star Trek series. Several former Star Trek actors will appear, including Walter Koenig, Robert Picardo, Manu Intiraymi, and Tim Russ. Tim Russ will also direct the pilot. Funding was successfully sought for production during 2012 through Kickstarter and additional funding was raised through Indiegogo in 2013.”

    For all Trekkies out there: “Live long and Prosper”

    Friendly regards: Terry

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