Washing your hands, or being abducted by aliens, looks a lot more enjoyable thanks to the Duncan Shotton Design Studio. The company is releasing a UFO soap pump, complete with a flying saucer top and a tractor beam base that features either a human or a cow in mid-abduction.

(Credit: Duncan Shotton Design Studio)

(Credit: Duncan Shotton Design Studio)

As Gizmodo describes, these pumps come “in your choice of a human being abducted by a yellow tractor beam, or a cow being snatched from a field by a blue beam. Both work equally well with dish soap, hand soap, or whatever viscous liquid you need to pump—whether of this Earth or not.”

Get your dirty hands on one of these and wash up with some alien goo. The company is accepting pre-orders, and the UFO soap pumps will ship in November.

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