A music teacher in California decorated his house with an impressive light display for Christmas.

In addition to all the lights, this teacher constructed props like a giant keyboard and a guitar using wood, metal, acrylic, and corrugated plastic. But he programed a light show sequenced to Star Wars music to make this display amazing.

He explains,

Here’s my tribute to my favorite songs on Star Wars! The display has been featured on ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight and twice on ABC’s Good Morning America. I sequenced the show using LOR, mixed the music/sound effects with Digital Performer, and filmed it using a 35′ lift 🙂 This is now my second year decorating.

The media routinely reports stories about neighbors who get pissed off about elaborate light displays. Fortunately, that is not the case in this instance. “The neighbors are very supportive especially since I use the display to raise money for the poor and homeless through my church,” the teacher explains.

The show would be much more incredible had he taken the time to add some Star Wars props to the house and/or yard after taking so much time to program the elaborate Star Wars light show. But it’s still fun to watch. There’s even a programmed lightsaber battle!