The truth is out there: ‘The X-Files’ to begin filming in June Agent Scully and Mulder are back … well, almost. Filming for the reboot of the hit Fox television show ‘The X-Files’ will begin in June
Is the Mona Lisa actually proof that extra-terrestrials exist? | Metro News For most of us, it’s the most iconic painting ever created. But for a few conspiracy theorists, the Mona Lisa is proof that extra-terrestrials do exist, after an ‘alien high…
Fact or Folklore: Are we alone in the universe? – Spokane, North Idaho News & Weather HARRINGTON, Wash. – Unidentified flying objects have long been a mystery around the world and here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re no stranger to UFO sightings, so we decided to dig deeper into thi…
Could There Be Psychosis Behind Alien Abduction? | Top Secret Writers – Conspiracy Theory, Strange Stories and Truth The human mind is a complex thing that scientists are still no closer to fully understanding. Similarly, the universe is unfathomably big, and humankind ha
Institute for Pale Blue Dots renamed in honour of Carl Sagan | Astronomy Now
UFO sighting: Stunned stargazer says ‘I’ve never seen anything like this before’ after making mysterious discovery – Mirror Online The 60-year-old enthusiast was snapping photos near a science centre, but when analysing the images later he realised he may have made a shocking discovery


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