A witness says he snapped shot of a UFO in Hampshire, England on April 5, 2015.

During his recent visit to the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium, this witness, Kenneth Parsons, spent some time shooting photos of the architecture there and of the countryside. It was during this little photo shoot that he managed to photograph a UFO.

But the UFO photo was taken by accident.

Parsons didn’t actually see the UFO in the sky when the photo was taken. It was only when he was back home reviewing his photos on his computer when he noticed something in the sky in one of his photos, and only in one of his photos.

UFO over Hampshire. (Credit: Kenneth Parsons/British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society)

UFO over Hampshire. (Credit: Kenneth Parsons/British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society)

Now, this is usually a pretty good indication that the unexpected object in the photo is something ordinary like a bug or bird; something small and fast-moving that the photographer either wouldn’t notice when taking a photo, or wouldn’t think twice about because a bug or bird wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary.

But Parsons has dismissed the notion that what he captured in his photo is a bug.

He zoomed in on the UFO in his photo and he describes that the object is “a disc-shaped aerial object in the background.”

“For those who may think, (as I initially did), that this is merely a bug or a bird . . . I advise you to look much more closely at the picture,” he says. He continues, “I’m no expert on wildlife, but in all my days I swear I have never seen a bug or bird like this before . . . have you?”

Well, yes, actually. Bugs, birds, dust, and other small objects appear in photos all the time. And anytime you try to do an extreme zoom on a small object in a photo, your results are going to look pretty bizarre. And Parsons, being the founder and chairman of the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society should be well aware of this.

As the Mirror points out, some find it easier to believe that little specs in photos like the one in Parsons’ photo are extraterrestrial craft that “appeared briefly while travelling through a wormhole.” Yeah, it’s possible that he photographed an alien spaceship. But there’s really nothing that can be garnered from his photo that would indicate the object is anything extraterrestrial. But some people love to make huge suppositions when unexpected objects are discovered in photos.

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