NASA probe spots MORE mysterious ‘alien lights’ shining from the surface of dwarf planet Ceres – Mirror Online Spaceship takes the most detailed photographs of Ceres in human history – but scientists still can’t fully explain its strange bright spots
NASA’s next plan to find aliens – send a giant robotic squid to swim inside giant moon | Nature | News | Daily Express A ROBOTIC giant squid is the latest sci-fi esque tool NASA boffins hope to create in its never ending quest to find life on other planets.
‘UFO’ filmed over El Paso by amateur videographer – Houston Chronicle
Super Civilizations: What Do They Really Want? | Seth Shostak Could it be that no one is out there? Are we now free to declare ourselves the acme of brain power in this part of the cosmos, and certify that everything out to 50 million light-years is Klingon-free?



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