WikiLeaks UFO Emails: What Have We Really Learned?

It ranges somewhere between Not Much and Nothing. The newly disclosed emails from Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge to John Podesta released by Wikileaks present no actual evidence or answers to the UFO question.

What do we actually know from the leaked emails? They do suggest that Mr. Podesta potentially has participated in one of DeLonge’s UFO documentaries (But we already know that to be the case. DeLonge announced that publicly more than a year ago.). One also goes on to show that DeLonge allegedly has several contacts in the US Military and other government agencies that are allegedly “A-level” and have information to share with Podesta concerning a “sensitive topic,” which is assumed to be in regards to the UFO question, and the potential of crashed advanced technology.

After going through the e-mails, we are ultimately left with significant disappointment.

DeLonge may have people who claim to be high level military personnel in contact with him, and he may want them to meet with Podesta because he believes their stories. These may range from a hoax, to disinformation, to delusion, but nothing in the leaked e-mails provides any good evidence to suggest something new or interesting is going to be presented, nor that these secret contacts have actual evidence. The e-mails literally contain nothing important or new, except that maybe Podesta will be featured in a documentary and that DeLonge is working on more Ufological projects.

UFO discourse is full of high level and well credentialled military, intelligence, and government officials who have gone on the record to disclose an alleged conspiracy. While DeLonge may have a group of people prepared to talk about the secret projects they have worked on, they will undoubtedly only have stories to tell. Stories are fine, but I doubt they have hard evidence that was snuck out of some top secret government lab which proves their tales to be factual.

The Ufological world has been put into a tizzy in regards to this email leak. Unfortunately, all the information is redundant and meaningless. Nothing new has come from this leak; however, at least DeLonge is enjoying the increase in book sales, as well as the surge in website and social media traffic. As Blink 182 reminds us in their song All the Small Things, “Keep your head still…” DeLonge may have something interesting yet to share. However, these leaked emails are a far cry from anything real or legitimate.

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