ROSWELL: NASA man who walked on Moon says UFO DID crash and US covered up alien find | Nature | News | Daily Express A NASA astronaut who once walked on the Moon says he STILL believes a UFO with aliens DID crash in a US desert before the government covered it up.
UFO mystery: 1950s sighting at Yuma Test Station never explained – Yuma Sun: News From its inception as Yuma Test Station in 1951, U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground has been a natural desert laboratory for testing equipment destined for use by soldiers. Blog: Trucker claims UFO blinded him
Weather Forecast For Exoplanets: How ‘Alien Worlds’ Compare To Climate Here On Earth Scientists’ weather maps of distant exoplanets prove there are some truly unbearable worlds beyond Earth.
Is black and white snap taken by this man in 1950 the best “UFO” ever caught on camera? | Nature | News | Daily Express IN THE age of digital telescopic zooms and phone cameras there are now more so-called UFO pictures and videos captured around the globe than ever before.

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