Indiana Jones themed bar coming to Disney World

STOP THE PRESS! Disney IS the place where dreams come true! At least mine in this case . . .

On Tuesday May 12th (how did I miss this until now?!) it was announced on the Disney Parks blog that they will open the gates to heaven this fall. More precisely, Disney World Resort will open an Indiana Jones themed bar called Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar.

Apparently, they’re going to great lengths to make sure that die-hard fans like me are appropriately pleased with the story the bar conveys. Everything from “Rolling Boulder Meatballs” to “Hovito Mojitos” will grace the menus while posters, memorabilia, and the general atmosphere will scream Indy. I could only hope that they would also find the perfect ‘Indiana Jones’ for character experiences. That would be a disaster of booze induced, sloppy flirting proportions on my part.


The announcement also mentions something about Jock’s pet snake Reggie and says, “an important detail, trust me on this!” What the hell does she mean? Are there going to be snakes everywhere? Snakes! Why’d it have to be snakes!

The only thing that could make this bar better is if they opened it at Disneyland, the park to which I have much easier access. I’ve got to give credit to Twitter follower @Lariat_Winslow who gave me this reminder: “If they let you choose what glass you drink out of, choose the plainest one they have.” Indeed. “You must choose, but choose wisely, for as the real Grail brings eternal life, the false Grail brings death…” I could see an actual lawsuit on Disney’s hands if they go to that extreme.

This could definitely be a sign that Disney will indeed push forward with a fifth Indiana Jones film (as rumored), this time, without Harrison Ford, the love of my life.

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