Twin Peaks Revival Back On Schedule with David Lynch!


The Twin Peaks revival is once again back on track! If you’re a huge assed nerd like we all are here at Rogue Planet, you’re probably a fan of most things obscure. There’s no other show that has the same peculiar flavor that the early 90’s cult hit TV show Twin Peaks. Earlier this year we got the exciting news that we were finally getting new episodes 25 long years after the abrupt ending of the show’s second season, then we got the Earth shattering news that creator David Lynch would not be directing the revival due to problems with negotiations with Showtime, the show’s new home to be. However, recently Lynch took to his Twitter to announce that the show, once again, will go on! To the cast and fan’s relief this announcement has made many a “Twin” fan peak in their pants. I think the only thing that could potentially get us more excited is if Sam Raimi announced that only practical effects would be used in the new Starz hosted Evil Dead series. Fingers crossed fellow deadites!

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