Why Asa Butterfield May Be The Best Spider-Man Yet!

Asa Butterfield could be the Spider-Man we’ve all been waiting for. If you’re not so tired of watching uncle Ben die that you can actually stomach yet another interpretation of Peter Parker on the big screen, your patients and persistence may finally pay off! In this short editorial, we’ll lay out a few reasons why the new Spidey could be the best we’ve seen so far.

For starters let’s get excited about one big bonus, Spider-Man still won’t be Tobey Maguire. Although Sam Raimi was great before CG is great, and, for their time, his Spider-Man franchise was pretty awesome, over time, Tobey Maguire’s stonehenge like on-screen personality never really seemed totally on point as Parker. Even with a plethora of nods to Evil Dead, multiple short Bruce Campbell rolls, and a cameo by “Macho Man” Randy Savage, not even an Emo Spidey and James Franco looking like Mason Verger from Hannibal by the end of it all could completely trick us into thinking that the Spider-verse truly existed.

Next big plus, Sony is no longer the puppet master. Although we had a few films here and there out of Marvel Studios, it wasn’t really until the Disney/Marvel merger and the formation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that things really started getting good. However, with certain Marvel properties still tied to other production houses (X-Men, Spider-Man with Sony) some storylines haven’t yet come together as the Marvel studio heads ideally would have envisioned. But with Disney now owning Marvel, they’re able to have a bit more leverage in making deals to bring these characters into the MCU, Spider-Man being the first of those negotiations and who is set to appear in Captain America: Civil War in 2016 under the direction of the Russo Brothers and guided by the vision of the next reason to get pumped, Kevin Feige.


Kevin Feige has been overseeing the MCU since it’s first cohesive film Iron Man in 2008 and he’s done a pretty damn good job making sure that each film lived up to a high standard of realism and production value. No studio yet has accomplished what Marvel has, intertwining multiple franchises, characters and somehow paying the bills to keep the majority of it’s actors happy while doing so. To consider these elements and still end up with a genuinely good product is no easy task and that is why we should feel pretty confident that the next Spider-Man we see will not be a huge turd sandwich.

Lastly, Spidey will be a 15 or 16 year old teenager.  If you followed Spidey in the comics, Peter Parker was a complete nerd, the quintessential high school outcast… that happened to be a super genius. Before he really got into the swing of things and his confidence grew, part of the characters’ appeal to young readers is that, when he wasn’t out web slinging, he was dealing with problems that teenagers faced in the day to day. Although previous Spoder-Boy films touched on this element, it was somewhat hard to believe that Andrew Garfield was rolling through Midtown High School looking like a goddamned GQ model and not getting any attention from the ladies. That being said, Asa Butterfield (although 18 in real life) looks like he could pull off what you’d look like if you were a 16 year old high school nerd that dresses up like a spider at night, swinging around NYC and talking mad shit to baddies.

With all of these elements in order there’s great potential for the MCU Spider-Man to finally put all of our film based spider-strife to rest once and for all! What do you think of Marvel’s choice for our favorite web slinger? There isn’t a comment section below for nothing!

  1. Peter parker was a chick magnet… Nerd yes but he was loved by the women so thats a point for garfield ans -1 for asa.

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