Actress Halle Berry is convinced there’s life on other planets | Showbiz | News | Daily Express IT SEEMS playing an astronaut in a fictional TV show has convinced HALLE BERRY that there’s life on other planets.
‘Area 51’: Film Review – The Hollywood Reporter Movies that sit on the shelf for years generally don’t age like fine wine. That’s certainly the case with Oren Peli’s follow-up to his smash hit Paranormal Activity which rejuvenated the found-footage horror genre.
How Big Are Aliens? Big As Bears According To Math Experts : SCIENCE : Tech Times Scientists are not certain how alien life would look if it does exist, but one cosmologist provided statistical arguments suggesting the average size of extraterrestrial beings.
Interactive map: As survey reveals UK’s top UFO towns, see our run-down of local sightings | Grimsby Telegraph A SURVEY revealing UFO hotspots across Britain has been unveiled – and surprisingly doesn’t include anywhere in Lincolnshire. Falkirk, in Scotland, topped the bill in the list, which was created…
UFO or shooting star? What to look out for in the Derbyshire night sky this week | Derby Telegraph Derbyshire astronomer Patrick Poitevin talks about Iridium flares and what to look out for in the night sky over the next week: IRIDIUM flares are spectacular, bright reflections from satellites…

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