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UFO Headlines 5/25/15

Another UFO Spotted? Mysterious Lights Witnessed Hovering Over Deserted Countryside A bright hovering UFO was captured in the Russian sky last week. The seemingly stationary lights were recorded by onlookers, who were puzzled by the strange
UFOs or parachutes? Taking no chances, Mumbai ATC asks pilot to abort take-off | The Indian Express Police suspect the ‘parachutes’ approaching the runway could be Chinese lanterns, launch probe.
‘Female robot with breasts’ in NASA image is ‘undeniable’ proof of aliens on Mars | Metro News Here it is: Undeniable proof that aliens are roaming Mars.  If you squint really hard at this NASA picture you will see a female robot with breasts. It helps if…
The House just passed a bill about space mining. The future is here. – The Washington Post And it gives a huge boost for the FAA. Here’s why.
PICTURED: Man spots UFOs above Welling (From This Is Local London) A man has photographed a number of UFOs, spotted in the sky above Welling in the last week.

UFO news

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  1. Its great seeing ufo videos posted .I think more are needed .It can be a piece of the puzzle in solving this mystery .. also am spreading the news about this site to friends ..thanks

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