Strange lights sparks UFO mystery in Shropshire « Shropshire Star It was a straight line of bright lights – and it has become the latest UFO mystery to strike over the skies of Shropshire.
Mission to Europa will test Jupiter moon’s friendliness to life – space – 26 May 2015 – New Scientist NASA has announced the instruments for its next mission to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, one of the solar system’s best candidates for hosting life
UFO Sightings 2015: Human and animal alien abduction stories, confirmed; Are they observing our kind, or trying to dominate earth? : Trending News : Venture Capital Post UFO Sightings 2015, how true are they? Are alien abductions real? Learn more information about this from this post.
UFO: Video of hovering lights ‘the real deal’ | Nature | News | Daily Express BIZARRE ‘UFO’ lights filmed over a remote part of Russia have been called “the real deal” after they went viral on YouTube.

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