UFO video shows fast-moving object stop and reverse course

A video shows a blinking UFO speeding across the night sky. But it gets cooler and stranger when the UFO stops and shoots off in the opposite direction.

This video was shot on the night of Saturday, May 30 by my friend Casey O’Brien. He and I were in Joshua Tree, California doing what serious UFO enthusiasts do in the middle of the desert–spending hours scanning the skies for strange aerial objects.

We both saw satellites, the International Space Station, and several unusual lights in the sky.

Photographing lights in the night sky is tricky, especially high-altitude objects that are tiny little specs of light. But Casey managed to record one strange UFO on camera.

“I didn’t see it until I watched the recorded video and it caught my eye barely,” he explains. He describes, “At first it freaked me out and didn’t know what to think. Now I can’t stop watching it. I hope its the first of many.”

Now, when people don’t notice a UFO until they review their footage, it’s often the case that the object is simply an insect that flew close to the camera. Sure, it’s possible that an insect is what Casey captured too. But the flashing appearance and the course reversal are interesting, and leave the possibility open for other explanations.

Watch the video and let us know what you think about this UFO in the comments below.

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