Andrew W.K. Gets Show On The Blaze Network!

Andrew W.K. just launched his new radio show “America W.K.” on The Blaze network, if you’re not familiar with Andrew this is pretty much what you need to know to get started. Andrew is pretty much america’s new age ambassador of positive thinking through what he describes as, “partying”, a keyboardist/song writer with multiple major label releases, part owner of NYC’s music venue Santos Party House, host of Cartoon Network’s show “Destroy Rebuild Destroy” and sometimes he plays a guitar made to look like a giant slice of pizza. Need we say more? Probably not, but we will.

Over the years Andrew has come into his own as a motivational speaker with a unique edge and approach to how he connects with people with troubles all over the world and there’s really no better format for him to have an open dialogue than with his new radio program. If you’re feeling down or confused about life, maybe what you need is dose of positive partying prescribed by Sir W.K. himself.

Another way to get the gist of his style is by watching his video (above) for “It’s Time To Party.” It’s hard not to have a better outlook on your day after that. You can find episodes of America W.K. on Souldcloud, iTunes, and Stitcher, so what are you waiting for? IT’S TIME TO PARTY!!!

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