What are these blue spots on Mars? – Space News – redOrbit Stunning new photos captured by the European Space Agency’s Mars Express orbiter feature bright blue patches that, at first glance, look as though they could potentially be pools of water located in between the craters of the Red Planet.
Luminous Orb UFO Fleet Filmed Over Lake Tahoe [Video] A man, Mario Cazares, captured seven luminous orb UFOs over Lake Tahoe. Cazares was on vacation at Lake Tahoe when he noticed luminous orbs in the sky at about
UFO hotspots revealed: Map of the United States shows 90,000 sightings dating back to 1905 – Mirror Online Explore witness reports of unexplained flying objects across the country
Could UFO sighting be sign Large Hadron Collider has created portal to other dimension? | Weird | News | Daily Express COULD this image of a bizarre object snapped above the Netherlands be the first ever picture of a portal to another dimension?
Victim of alien abduction coming to Leighton Buzzard – Leighton Buzzard Observer

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