Halle Berry: Aliens are out there – BelfastTelegraph.co.uk Halle Berry is convinced there are other life forms in the universe.
‘The Nightmare’ and the science of sleep paralysis | Fusion Shadowy figures, alien visits, out-of-body experiences, even feelings of suffocation—this is just some of what people with sleep paralysis experience.
The truth is out there – Journal-Courier – myjournalcourier.com
‘Plane-shaped UFO found on Moon in 50-year-old Soviet lunar mission pictures’ | Weird | News | Daily Express COULD it be the World War II bomber the Sunday Sport famously claimed to have found on the Moon in 1988, or has a prolific alien chaser really found a UFO parked on the lunar surface.
UFOs: Are mystery orbs visiting religious buildings aliens? | Weird | News | Daily Express A BIZARRE floating light which shows “aliens or ghosts” was caught on camera at a synagogue – just days after a similar sighting at a Buddhist temple.

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