Drone captures aerial footage of crop circles in Russian field | Daily Mail Online Local residents are puzzled after the markings, consisting of six connected rings of different sizes, were discovered in a relatively ordinary field in the Republic of Adygea, Russia.
SATURN’S SIXTH MOON MAY BE HARBOURING LIFE — Science News WASHINGTON (TIP): Researchers have found a geochemical process on Saturn’s sixth largest moon that suggests life could exist on it, or could have previousl
‘UFO’ photographed flying over Toowoomba region | Toowoomba Chronicle AN object the photographer believes to be a UFO was spotted flying over Oakey at 6.30am this morning.
Conference unites those who think outside the box | Brantford ExpositorIf you are interested in UFO research, alien encounters, crop circles or astral travel, the three-day Alien Cosmic Expo to be held in Brantford from June 26 to 28 will be the place to be.
UFO Visits Chinese Monastery and Ukrainian Synagogue – World Religion News Was it a ghost? An extraterrestrial? UFO appearances have been caught on camera at a Buddhist Monastery and Jewish Synagogue.

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