Shape-changing UFO photographed over England

Multiple witnesses have observed a disc-shaped UFO in the night sky above the Berkshire, England town of Hungerford.

One witness, Vanessa Cloete, claims she has seen this UFO on several occasions.

She says she first noticed the object out her bedroom window. And she was so fascinated by the UFO that she called her neighbors out to see it too. She and her neighbors reportedly managed to capture photo and video of the aerial object.

Cloete sent a photo and her description of the object to local media outlet Newbury Weekly News.

“The strange thing is that it seems to change shape and sometimes is surrounded by green lights and, sometimes, blue,” she describes.

Although some suspect what Cloete and others have observed is simply the planet Venus, she is confident that the UFO she has watched several times is a genuine mystery. “Whatever it is, it’s round and sometimes flashes,” she explains. “It stays in the sky for up to an hour before suddenly vanishing.”

Newbury Weekly News reports that the object was last seen on Friday, April 29. But, because April 29 was a Wednesday, and because the media outlet says that Cloete “first saw the object several weeks ago,” it’s probable that the UFO was actually last seen on Friday, May 29. And, since publishing the story about this UFO on Sunday, June 14, Newbury Weekly News says that more locals have come forward to report seeing this same UFO.

But, although multiple people have photos and video of this unidentified aerial object, only one photo from Cloete has been published.

Image: Vanessa Cloete/Newbury Weekly News

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