Academy Award winner, Forest Whitaker, has joined the cast of the upcoming Star Wars spin-off film, Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One. The cast will also feature Felicity Jones, Riz Ahmed, Sam Claflin, and Ben Mendelsohn.

The first in the “Star Wars Anthology” series of spin-off films, Rogue One will follow a rogue band of resistance fighters united to steal the Death Star plans and bring new hope to the galaxy.

“It’s the reality of war. Good guys are bad. Bad guys are good,” director Gareth Edwards said at the recent Star Wars Celebration.

Rogue One is set for release on December 16, 2016.

What do you think of Disney’s handling of the Star Wars universe? Will these spin-offs only strengthen our imaginations, or could these saturate our love for the material into oblivion? Voice your opinions below in the comments section, and stay tuned for more information on Rogue One!