Fans of ghosts, aliens, and other paranormal creatures will congregate in York, Pennsylvania for Phenomenology 107.

Organizers of the event describe it as “an eclectic and unique convention where investigators from reality-TV paranormal shows and creators of iconic films gather to educate and celebrate.”

Many conferences dealing with paranormal topics have a narrow focus, usually just on one topic like UFOs. But Phenomenology seems to explore a bit of everything pseudoscience has to offer.

The website explains, “Our diverse programming slate is welcoming to both experienced and new enthusiasts of the unexplained and includes panels on such topics as: Zombies! Horror films! Ghost hunting tips! Demonology! Bigfoot/Cryptozoology research! Alien abduction! Psyhic phenomena!”

Travis Walton, whose alleged alien abduction story was turned into the film Fire in the Sky, is one of the events many special guests.

This event reportedly features a large exhibit space too, with vendors catering to “zombie make-up applications, research books, investigative tools and gadgets, crystals and metaphysical aids – and, of course, tons of toys, T-shirts and clothing, artwork, and games.”

This conference features plenty of socializing opportunities, most notably the Monster Mash gala.

Phenomenology 107, the event’s seventh undertaking, takes place June 18-21, 2015 at the Wyndham Garden York hotel. All the info is at

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