VIDEO: How we’ll find extraterrestrial life in 20 to 30 years – Apparently aliens probably already know we exist. According to scientists, if something is living though, it is probably lurking beneath the surface.
VIDEO: ‘UFO’ hovers over Toowoomba suburb | Toowoomba Chronicle A TOOWOOMBA man has filmed what he believes is a UFO hovering over Wilsonton.
UFO Sighting 2015: Silent Orange Lights Bigger Than Star Spotted in Arlington Sightings of mysterious objects keep coming in, and interestingly, most of the witnesses are ordinary people. The latest we heard is that several orange lights were spotted in the skies of Arlington, Texas a few days ago.” itemprop=”description
Mysterious black circle in the sky not a UFO, says opera house – NL Times Netherlands, Weird – A mysterious black circle could be seen in the sky above Utrecht on Tuesday night. Speculation on what it could be ran wild on Twitter, with theories of a strange weather phenomenon, starlings flying in a pattern and even aliens being thrown about. – aliens, black circle, mysterious black circle, Opera Holland, special effect, The Day After, UFO, Utrecht, weather phenomenon
Key player in Rendlesham UFO saga, Colonel Charles Halt, returns to Suffolk to tell story – News – East Anglian Daily Times A former US airforce commander, described as an “unimpeachable” witness to events known worldwide as the ‘Rendlesham UFO incident’, is returning to Suffolk 35 years on.

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