Floating silver disc UFO in Australia [VIDEO]

Two men claim they saw a UFO hovering over the Toowoomba suburb of Wilsonton in Queensland, Australia on Monday, June 8.

One of these anonymous witnesses contacted local media outlet The Chronicle to describe the event.

According to this witness, he was at a friend’s house when the two noticed an airplane overhead. As they were looking at the plane, they also noticed a floating silver disc.

“My mate thought it might be a hot air balloon but we decided against that because it wasn’t moving and hot air balloons don’t normally come our way,” he explains to The Chronicle.

The two briefly considered the possibility that the object was a plane. But the anonymous witness says his friend is a pilot, and dismissed that possibility.

The witnesses watched the motionless aerial object for five minutes. They even recorded a video that shows the UFO . . . sort of. If you watch this video in full-screen mode, you can kind of see a tiny speck in the sky. But that’s it.

“In the video it is a little hard to see but to the naked eye it was as clear as anything,” the witness explains.


So how did the UFO leave? The witnesses don’t know.

One of the witnesses went to his parents’ house to get binoculars to better observe the UFO. But, by the time he looked at the sky again, the object was no longer there.

The two don’t know what they saw. But it seems like they are leaning towards an extraterrestrial explanation.

The anonymous witness comments, “I am not a huge believer of aliens but I think there is something out there.”

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