Alien UFO Fires Energy Beam Over U.S. Capitol, Lands At Secret ET Base Beneath White House Wilbur “Will” Allen, a photographer who says he is a former Air Force One engineer and White House employee under Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush,
Aliens probably know about our existence | West Texas News
UFO hunters claim a US secret spy plane that may NOT even exist is parked on the Moon | Weird | News | Daily Express UFO hunters claim to have proved that the US Air Force has hidden a secret spy plane in a crater on the Moon which has been captured on camera.
Many ‘Flying Triangle’ sightings have been reported in Derbyshire
‘UFO’ spotted in Antarctica triggers speculations of aliens on Earth | Gizmodo India London, June 16 (ANI): A black mark, being interpreted as a UFO, was recently spotted in Antarctica, triggering speculation that aliens might have landed

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