Eye on the sky: UFO hunter keeps watch for us Terry Fisk keeps watching the skies, and with good reason: He saw something there years ago he couldn’t explain, and he’s been looking for answers ever since.
Multiple UFO sightings in Texas explained – AOL UK In the past month, there have been over 50 reported UFO sightings in Texas – and meteorologists think they know the reason. And it’s not very exciting. They were clouds. Weird clouds, yes. But
‘It’s the stuff of high drama’: Q+A with author and cattle mutilation investigator | Calgary Herald It’s a strange case on the range after a cow was found mutilated on a farm near Calgary earlier this month. The gruesome death — the cow was missing her udder, vagina, uterus and a single eye — has spurred rumours of vigilantes, cults, exploding cattle and aliens in the hamlet of Madden, Alber…
Alien Cosmic Expo explores out of this world phenomena | Toronto & GTA | News | A former senior Canadian cabinet minister in the 1960s, Paul Hellyer made waves in 2005 by declaring that aliens and UFOs exist.
Friends relish memory of 1967 UFO hoax | Las Vegas Review-Journal In a Polaroid, they played a joke on Las Vegas about an alien invasion.

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