Take a UFO tour on Catalina Island

If you go to Catalina Island, don’t do the usual boring tourist stuff. Go on a UFO tour!

If you didn’t know, UFO tourism is a thing. It’s certainly gained in popularity in recent years. It’s getting easier and easier to find museums, landmarks, skywatches, and, yes, tours in cities around the country, and the world, providing UFO-related fun.

The Catalina UFO Tours have been offered for almost a year now.


These tours are offered by Catalina resident Lili Dana seven days a week.

According to the website, here’s what you can expect from the tour:

• Discover why Catalina is a UFO hot spot and how we fit into the cosmos!

• Find out why Catalina is a rare and unusual place on earth!

• Learn about the amazing Catalina magnetic vortex energy that instantly relaxes visitors and residents!

• Hear about the intriguing and sometimes frightening UFO sightings on and around Catalina Island that have fascinated islanders and visitors for many years!

• Explore Catalina in a way never seen before on this one hour walking tour along the beautiful shores of Avalon, dress comfortably and have some fun!

This one-hour walking tour is only $20. So if you find yourself on this little island off the coast of California, try it out.

For more info about the Catalina UFO Tours, and to schedule a tour, go to Catalinaufotours.com.

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