The X-Files leaked script reveals premiere title and plot: Mulder and Scully to investigate alien abduction The X-files premiere episode will be titled My Struggle, according to a leaked script.
Man spots lights in the sky above Vilano VILANO BEACH, Fla. — Something was spotted in the sky over St. Johns County last week that has people talking. One man sent First Coast News video
In 1665, Many Said They Saw a UFO Battle and Fell Sick Afterward On April 8, 1665, around 2 p.m., fishermen anchored near Barhöfft (then in Sweden, now in Germany) reported seeing ships in the sky battling each other. After the battle, a dark object hovered in the sky.
Vocal Republic – NASA Orbiter Finds Puzzling Pyramid-Shaped Structure on Ceres’ Surface
Farmer’s anger after finding Chinese lantern in his field – Farming News – Eastern Daily Press A cattle farmer has expressed his anger over the use of Chinese lanterns after he found one in his field.

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