UFO & Ghost Hunting at the Haunted Griffith Quarry | The Costa Rican Times Ghosts & the Supernatural – Penryn Granite Works Office and quarry was established by Griffith Griffith, a native of Wales in 1864. The park has three miles of trails, picnic sites and views of the old quarry pits.UFO & Ghost Hunting at the Haunted Griffith Quarry
World UFO Day to celebrate fascination with flying saucers | Gloucestershire Echo Conspiratorial star-gazers worldwide will be hoping to catch a glimpse of the unknown next week as they mark World UFO Day. That’s right – unidentified flying objects have their own day. For…
Are These Weird Lights In The Sky A UFO, Or A Natural Phenomenon? | Scott Sands on 1370 WSPD Someone near Indianapolis got video of a weird lights in the sky earlier this month, and people thin
UFOs continue to fascinate in Turkey and around the world Anadolu Agency ‘Turkey is one of the top five UFO hotspots in the world,’ says UFO specialist as ‘flying saucer’ term celebrates 68th anniversary
UFOers hope Ceres’ ‘alien pyramid’ will ‘unlock key to ancient ET race and origin of man’ | Weird | News | Daily Express UFO hunters claim the discovery by NASA of a massive “pyramid” on the dwarf planet Ceres could be one of the most significant signs of alien life ever found.

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