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Could Mars, of all places, be the place to look for early life on Earth?

It’s an intriguing thought and one that astrobiologists take seriously as they consider the conditions during the early days of the solar system when both planets experienced frequent bombardments by asteroids and comets that resulted in debris exchange between one body and the other. 

Nathalie Cabrol - www.selany.com

Nathalie Cabrol – www.selany.com

“We might be able to find evidence of our own origin in the most unlikely place, and this place is Mars,” planetary scientist Nathalie Cabrol, of the SETI Institute said in a TED Talk in April 2015. 

Cabrol studies life in extreme conditions on Earth with the hope that her research might help improve the search for signs of life on the Red Planet.

“We can go to Mars and try to find traces of our own origin. Mars may hold that secret for us,” she said. “This is why Mars is so special to us.”

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