NASA is preparing robot to search for extra-terrestial life on Jupiter’s moon, Europa –
Did a ‘UFO’ fly over North Carolina this morning? | MOUNTAIN HOME, N.C. – What was the unusual slow-moving light in the sky that flew over North Carolina early Monday morning? WLOS reported that a viewer in Old Fort on the western side of the state sent them a video of the occurrence, which prompted many to wonder.
Black ‘Flying Saucer’ UFO Photographed Hovering Over Stonehenge UFO hunters claim that a large “flying saucer” UFO visited Stonehenge a few days before the Summer Solstice. Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, is one of the
Here’s what’s REALLY happening in that Space Station UFO video | Metro News Yesterday, the world went wild over a UFO video where tiny, glowing specks zoomed in front of a Space Station camera – then it went blank. Was this it -…
What are bizarre UFO-like cloud formations over Ireland? Strange shapes leave sky-watchers puzzled – Irish Mirror Online The flying saucer-shaped formations appeared over Ireland today- but do you know what they are?

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