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UFO Headlines 7/2/15

Why Do UFOs Love This Utah Ranch So Much? – The Daily Beast On World UFO Day, the story of the Skinwalker Ranch, which had such a history of weird phenomena it became the subject of scientific study.
This Morning: Shaun Ryder describes meeting an alien, the internet is doubtful | Metro News Shaun Ryder appeared on This Morning discussing UFOs for UFO day. Not perhaps the obvious choice to convince the viewing public that little green men exist, but he had an…
Liverpool UFO: Man Captures ‘Mad Object In The Sky’ Making Birds Go ‘A Bit Mad’ As Well [Video] A UFO over Liverpool, England? That’s what a Liverpool taxi driver says he saw and he’s got the UFO video to prove it, reports Liverpool Echo. Posted to
Are you celebrating World UFO Day?
UFO-inspired homes fit for humans and aliens Get a well-rounded view of the world in these dome homes.

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