​UFO 1966: THE CORNING BOOMERANG UFO Columnist Cheryl Costa shares the 1966 account of a teenager, his dog and their Boomerang UFO sighting.
​‘British X-Files’ on UFOs to be released by 2016 – govt — RT UK Top secret files dubbed “the British X-Files,” which UFO hunters believe could prove extraterrestrials have visited the UK, are to be released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).
UFO Hunters Discover Remains Of An ‘Ancient Temple’ On Mars An alien hunters website has claimed to have found the remains of an ancient ‘temple’ on the surface of Mars. Analysing a picture taken by the Curiosity rover the website ufosightingsdaily.com cla
Kansas ufologists delve into the unknown | The Wichita Eagle The Wichita Eagle Investigators interview witnesses, examine photos to assess potential UFO sightings
VIDEO: UFO caught on camera in skies above Hertfordshire – News – Welwyn Hatfield Times A mysterious UFO was spotted in the skies above Hertfordshire.

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