Casey: The legislature should act on UFOs, LSD – Roanoke Times: Dan Casey Lawmakers passed the 2014 voter-photo ID law with no bona fide evidence anything was broken, and with no sincere suggestion anything needed to be fixed. By those standards, there are many other “dangers” that need legislating.
Aliens in fiction – quiz | Books | On this day in 1947, a military surveillance balloon near Roswell, New Mexico sparked rumours of a UFO crash landing that persist today. If extraterrestrials’ presence on earth is a matter of debate,
Man Claims He Saw UFO in North Philadelphia – FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV The good old days of U.F.O.s are back, thanks to a soapy object in North Philly
UFOs and Aliens in Roswell, New Mexico: Read the Original Report This was the first public news of the strange happenings of July 7, 1947
‘UFO’ Explosion Over Russia Investigated After Mysteriously No Wreckage Was Found On Sunday 6 July, Russian student Ana Zhmaeva filmed on her smartphone what she thought was a mid-air plane crash over St Petersburg, Russia. In fact what she recorded was a ‘UFO’, in the most

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