NASA to Further Develop Titan Submarine Design Step forward the Titan Submarine, a proposal that NASA has just awarded a second round of funding through their Innovative…
First new X-Files trailer teases 201 days until show’s return – SlashGear With the hit sci-fi show The X-Files returning this January as a 6-episode mini-series, Fox has just released the first trailer promoting that the show
Deluge of Bay UFO sightings More than 20 people from around the country have reported sightings of unidentified floating orange lights after a Bay of Plenty man shared his bizarre experience in yesterday’s Bay of Plenty Times. – NZ Herald
UFO sightings DOUBLED last month – are the aliens up to something? | Metro News Whether it’s a huge black flying saucer hovering over Stonehenge, or tiny dots flying past the Space Stations, aliens were pretty busy last month. UFO hunting group MUFON says that…
WATCH: Drone footage shows two huge ‘alien landing pad’ crop circles near Stonehenge | Weird | News | Daily Express TWO intricate crop circles – often believed to be formed by alien spacecraft – have been discovered by a drone flown over Stonehenge.

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