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UFO Headlines 7/13/15

‘Flying Saucer’ UFO Video From Texas Looks So Real It Has To Be Fake This astonishingly clear video of a UFO over Texas is a fake, or at least it has to be if you’re going by the concrete rules that apply to UFO sightings around the world. This rule is simple: t
Rendlesham Forest UFO sighting ‘new evidence’ claim – BBC News New evidence has been gathered to back up claims a UFO landed near a US airbase In Suffolk, a former deputy commander has claimed.
Foam UFO: Weird glittering floating mass caught on camera over Philly (VIDEO)
Welsh Government Answers UFO Queries in Klingon | Gizmodo UK Klingon and Welsh are quite closely related, after all.
Las Vegas Museum Explores the Myths (or Realities) of Extraterrestrial Activity at Area 51 This exhibit, titled Area 51: Myth or Reality?, launched in March of 2012 at the Smithsonian-affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum.

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