Astrobiologists Are Trying to Make a Real-Life Tricorder, and Other Highlights from NASA’s SDCC panel Thursday is generally a less eventful day at SDCC, but NASA’s “Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact” panel did not disappoint….
Meteorite Craters or UFO Bases? Look at Mysterious Giant Craters in Russia / Sputnik International Something very, very unusual is happening in Russia’s Yamal Peninsula. It’s straight out of a sci-if movie
Namibia’s fairy circles images reveal astonishing extent of baffling grass rings | Daily Mail Online Pictured from the air by photographer Thomas Dressler, the vast scale of the patches of bare earth that scar the grassy Namib desert becomes clear. Scientists are now trying to unravel the mystery.
UFO sightings reported and investigated in WNY | Buffalo News, Buffalo Weather | WIVB-TV News 4 Buffalo, NY |
Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder sees UFO in garden / Sunday World Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder sees UFO in his garden and claims it was "20 ft by 10ft" and appeared to be "plastic".

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