It looks like Homer Simpson’s beer of choice, Duff Beer, could find its way into the real world.

This fictional beer has been a staple on The Simpsons for decades. But, although The Simpsons has always been a franchise with an affinity for merchandising, Simpsons beer is one product that has yet to reach shelves . . . legally.


Simpsons-loving counterfeiters have been illegally brewing up Duff in Mexico, South America, and Europe. And 21st Century Fox has been unsuccessful in curbing these bootleggers. So to deal with this issue of an unlicensed product being sold, Fox is moving forward with plans to brew its own smooth, untainted Duff.

The show’s creators have always been against selling Simpsons beer out of fear that it would be “detrimental to children.” But in the wake of the global bootlegging, brewing official Duff is the best way to deal with the rampant counterfeiting.


Fox plans to launch Duff Beer in Chile, then expand in South America and on to Europe. But don’t get too excited yet, U.S. Simpsons fans. Duffman isn’t thrusting in your direction just yet. Plans to introduce Duff in the U.S. haven’t been announced. But 21st Century Fox believes there is “potential to have Duff everywhere in the world.”

So, for now, people in the states will have to settle for a visit to Moe’s Tavern at Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA or Orlando, FL to grab a pint of Duff. But Fox says that its official Duff Beer will be different from the suds currently available at the Universal Studios parks. And, it also says that, unlike the beer’s questionable quality on The Simpsons, the real Duff will be a “premium lager.”

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