Alien structures on Pluto?

Surprise! There are structures on Pluto! At least that’s what one person is already claiming.

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft successfully completed its Pluto flyby on July 14. This historic mission is the first to reach the dwarf planet. And the first images released by NASA are spectacular.

(Credit: NASA)
(Credit: NASA)

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for conspiracy theories to stem from the release of these photos.

YouTube user UFO Union TV uploaded a video on July 14 in which he asserts that a photo shows “alien structures” on Pluto.

Alleged structures on Pluto's surface. (Credit: Ufo Union TV/YouTube)
Alleged structures on Pluto’s surface. (Credit: Ufo Union TV/YouTube)

Others believe NASA hoaxed Pluto photos, just like they did with images of Mars and the Moon.

It was bound to happen.

Every NASA photograph is scrutinized by countless conspiracy theorists with computers and Photoshop. And seemingly every NASA photo contains proof of extraterrestrials or clandestine military space operations.

It’s conceivable that an alien civilization exists way out there on little old Pluto. But zooming in on a photo taken from space and applying some filters is hardly proof that objects on Pluto’s surface are constructed buildings.

But, obviously, it’s more than enough for some.

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