Scientists believe there’s other life in the universe. Why haven’t we found it yet? – The Washington Post That’s the question as Stephen Hawking’s &u0024;100 million search for extraterrestrial life gets underway.
Look: UFO spotted above Coventry – what do you think? – Coventry Telegraph Glowing orb seen over University Hospital changed colour and was faster than a helicopter
Does this ‘alien skeleton’ prove there was once life on Mars? – Mirror Online Bedroom space explorers scouring virtual pictures from the Curiosity Rover claim they have spotted ‘fossilised remains’ on the Red Planet
The Phoenix Incident set for DVD this September, watch the trailer here
Local UFO investigator inspiration for new book and movie – | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and Pueblo The life of a UFO investigator from Southern Colorado will be the subject of a new Hollywood thriller. The book and movie deal will feature former El Paso County Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy Chuck Zuko…

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