A photographer in the English city of Peterborough managed to snap a UFO photo, and she wants help figuring out the identity of the unusual aerial object.

Sandra Stuteley, a wildlife photographer, photographed something really wild on April 21, 2015. She was on a trail near the Peterborough neighborhood of Orton Longueville photographing birds.

But when she looked through her photos later, she saw a couple of shots showing a mysterious UFO.

UFO over Peterborough. (Credit: Sandra Stuteley/Peterborough Telegraph)

UFO over Peterborough. (Credit: Sandra Stuteley/Peterborough Telegraph)

“I did not even know I had taken them,” she explains to local media outlet the Peterborough Telegraph.

Stuteley doesn’t have any idea what she happened to capture with her camera. Her friends and family don’t either. But she’d really like help figuring that out. So she contacted the Peterborough Telegraph. The Telegraph published a story including Stuteley’s photos seeking input from the public.

What do you think of the object in this UFO photo? If you think you’ve got some insight into the UFO’s identity, the Peterborough Telegraph wants to hear from you.

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