The search for ET has been going on for years: so what do we know so far? Astronomers have been looking for signs of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe for centuries. But the search has so far found nothing. So what makes this latest hunt so different?” name=”description
Retired Air Force Colonel Claims New Evidence Will Blow The Lid Off Rendlesham UFO Sighting
Chris Hadfield Australia tour 2015: Astronaut to speak about aliens, Space Oddity THE year was 1995 and deep in the cosmos, NASA shuttle STS-74 had just docked onto Russian Space Station Mir.
Alien ‘proof’: Footage of ‘ET humanoid’ goes viral | Science | News | Daily Express VIDEO footage allegedly showing an “alien humanoid” on the roof of a building is going viral online.


UFO sightings in Cambridgeshire – pictures | Cambridge News After a Haverhill man took what his cousin described as the ‘best UFO picture that’s ever been taken’, we looked into our archives to see what other unexplained objects have been seen in our region. …

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