There is no doubt that some of us fans were extremely disappointed by the lack of a Marvel/Disney presence at this years Comic Con International: San Diego. What is usually one of the biggest moments in Hall H seemed to fall a little flat, despite a Lucasfilm/J.J. Abrams panel that led to a fantastic live Star Wars concert – a concert that unfortunately left follow-up panelist Kevin Smith virtually alone in the massive Hall H.

With Marvel starting to host their own press conferences – like they did when they announced the upcoming Phase Three films like Black PantherCaptain MarvelAvengers: Infinity War, and a little film called Captain America: Civil War – we understood that their presence at Comic Con wasn’t as important as previous years, but it didn’t mean we weren’t missing it. However, Disney has recently announced that we can expect a big showing at this years D23 Expo.


Worlds, Galaxies, and Universes: Live Action at The Walt Disney Studios
Saturday, August 15, 10:30 a.m.—Hall D23

Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm are home to some of the planet’s best storytellers, immersing audiences fully in the world of each film from beginning to end and beyond. In this exclusive Hall D23 presentation, join Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn for a tour of upcoming live-action projects from these legendary film studios. A bevy of special guests will be on hand to offer a look at an unparalleled slate that includes Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Jungle Book, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War,Star Wars: The Force Awakens—and much, much more.

So while we may have missed out on our usual Hall H excitement from Marvel, rest assured we can expect to see some footage from the film most are calling Avengers 2.5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is sure to drop some footage and possibly panel discussions, though at this point I almost don’t want to see any more footage in the hopes I can go in the theater somewhat story blind.


This year could see a definite shift in how Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm handle these big press events, with CCI: SD losing some of its big presenters over the next couple of years. With Disney’s own yearly Expo offering a potentially better venue for these reveals, could last year’s Hall H presentation be our last big Marvel event in San Diego?

Time will have to tell on that one, but for now we can look forward to the D23 Expo for more from Disney, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. What do you think of Disney moving some of their press events to D23? Did you miss the Marvel Studios presence at CCI: SD? Let us know in the comments section below!