Alex Winter (best known for his role as Bill in the Bill & Ted films) has had recent success with his documentary “Downloaded” about the controversial Napster software, but now he’s ready to take on an even bigger subject with his upcoming documentary about Bitcoin and the “Deep Web.” Something only nerds like us at RP would be interested in, alas, Alex’s knowledge of technology and potential social implication is impressive and if this new film is anything like downloaded we’re sure it will be entertaining and informative.. but it’s only almost as the fact that Winter has confirmed that another Bill & Ted movie is on the way, all we have to say to that is, “STATION!” Here is a recent interview Alex did on Cnet‘s show The 404 where he gets into some of the web terminology you might have heard floating around but don’t quite understand just yet, not to mention he just seems like an all around nice guy. Keep on kicking ass Alex!

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