There’s a new subscription box company in town serving up a wide variety of geeky goods every month.

Fans of Loot Crate and Nerd Block might want to check out Narwhal Bacon Box.

Narwhal Bacon Box is similar to other subscription box companies in that it ships out a monthly box packed with products for its target audience. But unlike other box companies targeting geeks, this company is completely Internet focused.

“We’re An Internet-Centric, Viral Product, Geek Subscription Box Company. That’s really the easiest way to describe Narwhal Bacon Box,” explains founder Chase Williams.

So what products go in an “Internet-centric” box?

Williams details,

Every month we come up with a truly geektastic theme like reddit Startups, Kickstarter Darlings, Office Warfare, Science Mayhem, Lifehack Loot, and Break the Bank, and we spend hundreds of hours curating appropriate products for that theme. Our team rules out the worst of the best and we settle on 5-8 items for that month’s specific box.

The company believes it is different enough from other nerd boxes out there because the products it ships to subscribers have already been approved by the Internet community. “They’ve gone viral on popular websites, spawned memes, or caught the attention of the main stream media,” details Williams.

This sounds like a pretty cool idea. And there’s definitely an audience for all sorts of Internet geekery. But what’s up with the name?

I asked Williams to explain the unusual company name to me:

We often get asked why we chose the name Narwhal Bacon Box, and we would like to clear a few things up – Yes, the infamous question “When does the narwhal bacon” absolutely was inspirational to our naming process but, it isn’t the only reason. Like narwhals in the sea, we’re unique. We’re the only Internet geek subscription box on the planet (at the moment). Bacon? Yes, “bacon!” The word itself isn’t meant to mean actual bacon but, rather anything that’s just plain awesome … Narwhal Bacon Box, the only box of Internet awesomeness (at least in this solar system).

If this interesting variation on the geek subscription box sounds awesome to you, you have a chance to WIN A FREE NARWHAL BACON BOX!

Narwhal Bacon Box is letting Rogue Planet give one lucky nerd a FREE box! All you have to do is go follow @NarwhalBox and @RoguePlanetHQ on Twitter. Then send us a tweet saying, “Hey @RoguePlanetHQ! I’m a nerd who wants a free @NarwhalBox.” We will select a random winner at the end of August.

Check out the Narwhal Bacon Box website. Single purchases and monthly subscriptions are available.

Have you subscribed to a geek box company before, or are you currently subscribed to one? If so, have you been pleased with your experience? Let us know by leaving a comment below.