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UFO Headlines 7/23/15

Monstrous Controversy Rages Over Loch Ness UFO Photos
FROM OUR ARCHIVES: UFO sightings near East Grinstead UFO: This picture – purportedly showing extra-terrestrial vehicles – was taken in the 1960’s
Stephen Hawking wants you to help catch aliens with your iPhone or Android THIS week space fanatics were teeming with excitement after it was announced Stephen Hawking had teamed up with Russian billionaire Yuri Milner in a quest to find extraterrestrial life.
PICTURED: Now alien chasers claim ‘Moon-sized UFO space stations’ are orbiting the Sun UFO hunters bizarrely claim to have found “Death Star” sized objects in NASA images of the Sun which they “cannot explain”.
UFO Over The Alps UFO video taken by a passenger on a commercial flight over the Swiss Alps.

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