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Top Five UFO Hoaxes to Stay Away From

While several of us here at Rogue Planet write steadily about the UFO phenomenon, we will be the first to admit that the topic in general, along with its many sub-topics, are ripe with controversy, hoaxes, and straight-up fraud. And while we pride ourselves on covering the most credible UFO cases we possibly can, we thought we’d take a moment to keep you up to speed with which cases and topics to steer clear of if you are diving into the UFO/Alien pool for the very first time…

The Alien Autopsy Video

While many different alien autopsy films made the rounds on the internet, one in particular made international news when Fox aired a special called, Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction.

Turns out… it was 100% fiction.


Word came out in 2006, when the creators of the film, Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield, finally admitted that they had hoaxed the entire thing.

Many who have surfed Youtube still believe the film to be authentic. We’re here to tell you that if there were an alien autopsy film that were real, something tells us Fox wouldn’t be the first to create a special on it.

The Jonathan Reed Video

In 1996, Dr. Jonathan Reed claimed that he had encountered an alien in the woods near his home. This alien had killed Reed’s dog. In retaliation, Reed hit the alien over the head with a branch from a nearby tree. Reed just so happened to have a video camera with him at the time, and filmed the alien’s craft, the half-dead alien itself, and his personal examination of it when he dragged it back to his home.

Credit: Johnathan Reed
Credit: Jonathan Reed

The video instantly went viral, the world torn on whether or not this was all staged or not. Well… the answer soon came to light in 2010, when the hosts a television show, “Fact or Fake: Paranormal Files” investigated the video. They were able to duplicate it almost shot or shot, and also performed a voice analysis stress test on Reed. The test proved that Reed was being extremely deceptive. While this doesn’t prove a hoax, the evidence points to fraud as Reed charges astronomical fees to attend lectures he gives about his experience, and his messages about humanity. Do us a favor… don’t friend him on Facebook. For your own good.

Billy Meier

You’ve probably seen his photos and videos floating (hovering?) around the internet, as they are some of the most popular (and clear) images of UFOs ever taken. Meier also claimed contact with aliens many, many times. These aliens told him of future destruction, and that he was a messenger that needed to get the word to the masses. Meier became a poster child for the contactee movement. But it would seem that his photos, videos, and messages were indeed a little too good to be true.

Credit: Billy Meir
Credit: Billy Meier

Many skeptics have duplicated Meier’s photos time and time again. Even Meier’s ex-wife claims that every photo and video were hoaxed. Since the mid 70’s, Meier has amassed a huge following of believers that remains even today. Many photo-analysis experts have been able to debunk Meier’s photos, deducing that they are nothing more than models created from simple house-hold items.

Michael Horn, the self-proclaimed publicist for Meier, still alleges that everything Meier claims is true, and despite the evidence, continues to spread the hoax as far as he possibly can. One may wonder what’s in it for Horn? I think we all know that answer to that, so I’ll spare you.

The McPherson Tape

Before The Blair Witch Project, there was The McPherson Tape. I still remember watching this special air on television as a child, and it scared the ever-loving hell out of me. Many people in the UFO community saw this film as being not only real, but solid proof that aliens were actually abducting humans.



But it wasn’t long before the creator’s of the film came forward, going so far as to produce photos of the alien costumes from the “found footage” along with detailed blueprints of the “spaceship” featured in the tape. Many of the “family” members in the film have also been exposed as actors, being seen in many television programs and movies after the first airing of The McPherson Tape.

Despite this, the film continues to spread across the digital highways, believers clinging to it as the most authentic evidence of alien abduction to date. I mean… come on, guys/gals. No. Just no.

Crop Circles

These beautiful formations have been an English staple for many decades now, sparking much debate across the world. Many movies have even implemented the phenomenon into their alien-themed movie, most notably that of the M. Night Shyamalan film, Signs.


It wasn’t until 1991, that Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, two Englishman, admitted having created many of the intricate designs found in the fields across the English countrysides. They even explained just exactly how they created many of them. The process spread, and many across the globe have been caught in the act creating them, some even facing legal charges for trespassing and tampering with private property.

There are those who still believe these designs are alien-created, saying that any human’s who have claimed they made them are simply a cover story for the actual ET hand behind the phenomenon. Either way, they make for awesome wallpapers for your desktop.


While there seems to be a genuine mystery behind the UFO phenomenon, there is no arguing that there are those who have used the mystery and intrigue for their own personal gain, feeding off the fear and desperation from those who want nothing more than to believe. And while hoaxes and frauds will always be a part of this deeply enigmatic topic, all we can truly do is sift through the noise, find the signal, and continue to check out sources. Then, and only then, perhaps we can start to find answers.

Also… it was a mummy, Jaime. Let it go, man.




  1. While I agree, for the most part, with Ryan’s assessment of the hoax situation, in the end, whether you’re supporting or debunking a story or person, in order to come across with utmost credibility (when presenting this type of information, isn’t credibility the MOST important thing?), it’s crucial to get all things correct. In this case, there are several grammatical items that detract a little from the credibility of it. But the biggest issue, for me, is in the “Billy Meir” section. I’m one of those who agree with Ryan that the whole story sorely lacks credibility. BUT, as a journalist, it’s imperative to, at the very least, make sure that people’s names are spelled correctly. In this case, all ten times we see his name, it’s the wrong spelling. Correct: Meier. It may seem a petty criticism, but when you’re writing about things that are already controversial and nit-picked by skeptics and debunkers, you really need to get this kind of stuff straight. It’s all about credibility — on all levels. Peace.

  2. Some of those Crop circles, especially those with the Raster images would take some very sophisticated and expensive equipment to produce, especially in the dark in a matter of an hour or two—-And he does not explain the blown out nodes, characteristic or microwave radiation on many of them. (something BASIC to the study anybody who has read any article at length about circles knows about)—-Although I do not blame “Space Aliens” I do strongly suspect a GOVERNMENT project involving helicopter mounted, computer controlled microwave beams. The crop circles being an example of “fun Vandalism” by young Techs as they fly to and from the testing grounds near by to test this classified device.

    1. Submarines have conducted weapon systems tests in the area, and have used Zeppelin-like balloons for these tests. So some researchers believe the photos are from those tests.

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